As every artist, within any creative genre, experiences self doubt, writers block or any other similar feeling. It feels unnecessary to not say its written or talked about enough.


Mornings are not as great as they used to be. You usually wake up by a phone telling you ”Its time to drag your sorry ass out of bed human”. The phone then puts itself in your hand and starts showing you how good everyone else is - how productive and creative they are, even before you have even scratched out the filth from your eye. 

But you are used to this by now. So you know how to get yourself back into mental shape. You get Netflix on, put on one of their great documentaries where, already established and experienced (old) artists, portrait a successful timeline but never reveals any actual advice or approaches. Which might leave you inspired but not with great belief. So you get up, have a shower, shave, make yourself look decent, eat to not feel poor, sit down by your computer and in your mind tell yourself ”Come on, lets be creative and productive”.

2 hours later you’ve gone through YouTube, Svt Play/BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Facebooks ”News feed” in search for more inspiration. 

What do we expect to happen really? Well its quite normal to tell someone who needs inspiration - to get out and experience new things in the world. This world has now compressed itself to the big world of internet and where nothing (rarely) actually happens by CHANCE. Yes you might accidentally trip on a good piece of art, but most of the time you search for it. 

Searching for inspiration isn't going to find you it. Inspiration comes from many directions, but mostly it comes from an IDEA - and an idea usually comes from an EXPERIENCE. We all know this, I know it. But we still (including me) torture ourselves every morning. With this knowing. 

One morning I defied my phone, I told it to fuck off, I gave it the old silent treatment. I got out of bed, made myself a good brew of coffee and sat myself in the sofa. At this moment in time I lived in a beautiful apartment on Oriental Place in Brighton, a few doors up from the sea. Living by the sea definitely helps creativity, because your everyday landscape changes regularly, it sounds different from day to day and really just has that feel to it.. Im now sidetracking. So I sat on that sofa and thought to myself, lets get creative..

but this time using limitation. I’ve told my phone to shut up, I haven't checked Facebook yet so I haven't in any way been influenced by any external mediums. I took up my camera, it had a 75-300mm Zoom lens on it, not a normal lens for indoor shooting. I remember telling myself ”Lets. Just. See. What. Happens”I started taking pictures, right there in the sofa, with pretty much only my underwear on, only been awake for about 15 minutes - with a camera docked together with a massive zoom lens. Lets just say I spent the rest of that day in that room… 

To summarize - this article is really about two subjects: Distractions and limitations. The photos I took that day (shown above) I have never used, but the idea has never left me. The fact that we see more and more friends and colleagues with mental problems is a fact - is our modern way of living the issue of this? Probably yes. 
Limitations is just
ONE way around it, though its mainly about awareness - how our daily actions hinder our inspirations and productivity. 

I'm not necessary telling you to do what I did, this text is more for me to tell myself to stop looking at my phone every morning. That is really it, well possibly not, as I am pretty sure I am not alone in the way I act - so if you have similar stories, please email them to us, preferably via Facebook and I’ll probably read it on my phone.. when I wake up

Text & Photo by: Tim Widgar
Portrait by: Felicia Hawor