/// Storyboard 1 ///

Dreaming awake at the end of time.

Photography : Felicia Hawor
Layout : Mark Powell
Featuring : Kylie Babbington

Over the coming months we'll be releasing a series of storyboards under the current working title of "Drawn to the Sea". This is the evolution of the story for a short film we intend to produce. If you're interested in collaborating with us on this project please get in touch with us at collaborations@strippedcreative.com.


Location : Galveston, Texas
Date : March 3rd, 1952

She was a cleaner for a wealthy lady, she was good at her job, professional, reliable. She minded her own business, kept the lady's secrets. Sometimes she would try on her clothes, it felt good to be somebody else for a while, even just for an hour.



Maybe that's what drew them to her. So long ago now but at the end of it all she had returned, for this moment, drawn back to the sea. Trying to make sense of a note she had written in a different time in what now feels like a different reality.

The words were scralled as if written by a balled fist. A warning from the past, a plea.

If the sea calls to you – fight it if you can. Find a love that can tie you to the land, an anchor to keep you whole. We are born to the land and that is where we should be.

It is a terrible thing, terrible... to be drawn to the sea.