It’s late afternoon..

..When Stripped meets up with Photographer Anna Bresoli at an event for creative artists in Berlin. Her presentation really stands out and we just had to have a talk with her about her creative work. 

Author: Alexandra Schuman
Artist: Anna Besoli
Occupation: Photographer
Based: Berlin



Anna Bresoli explain that the photographic project, 'Sounds of Your Suffocation', was first born when she moved to Berlin, after she had been living a year in the mountains outside Barcelona. 

- Living in the calmness of nature, not needing anything, just have time for me. You realize the connection with yourself. 

The first two months in Berlin she felt totally exhausted of all the stimuli form the city. She started to reflect on the society of today and the development of it. We rely so much on the technology - that we become incapable of doing things on our own. 

- In the end we gonna be robots.                                   

We also try to put on our best self, while doing so we end up losing who we are as a person. You end up in a bubble that contains only of your ego and the material things surrounding you. That make you disconnected with the reality, she explains. 

- The process, is not good. In the beginning we had empathy, now we've lost it.

Though everything is about developing yourself, we lose the human empathy of each other. The idea of this creative project ’Sounds of Your Suffocation’ was born through the experience. She portrait the disconnection the human being have with his /her nature and the fragility that comes with. 

- The submission of the human being captured under the weight of a ambient total industry.  

Her pictures are mysterious. When looking at them you get a mixed feeling of unpleasantness and beautifulness. The pictures tell a story. The inspiration of her work come from poets and philosophers. 

The work process for Anna Bresoli usually starts with her looking or just bumping in to a inspiring environment to have a photoshoot in. After the location scouting, she chooses one of the many modells that already done their notice of interest.  

Anna Bresoli usually do her photoshoots the first hours in the morning. She only work with natural lighting. A photoshoot goes really fast for Anna. They usually don't take more than an hour, which is due to her preparation. 

When reaching the location, the modell starts taking off his or hers clothes and Anna start working. The modell stands completely nude in the streets and most of the photos in the project are taken in the middle of the cold winter. However Anna explains that something changes with the people. 

- It’s kind of an experience for them, they don't feel nude because there is a camera and a photographer that create something.

Anna tell us that the modells often come up to her afterward and say; 

- Wow! I didn't know that I would feel so comfortable doing this. 

So while Anna try to communicate the importance off self connection thru her artwork, she actually create that in her modells.

She then moves on to postproduction. For her it does not take that much time.

- If you have to work a lot with the postproduction something is wrong.

She explains that in the beginning of her career she spent a lot of time working in photoshop, but through the years she developed her skills. Now postproduction don't take that long anymore. 

Anna's photos consists of two elements. The landscape and the modell. She photographs the two elements separate, to get out the fullest of the singel picture. Then she starts to lay the picture together in photoshop.  

Something that Anna always do with her picture in the postproduction and that really set her personal style, is the desaturated colors. 

That, besides of course the modell and setting, gives the pictures that mystic feeling. Anna take her pictures when traveling, but most of her work are taken in Spain or Germany. 

She lives in Greenhouse, Berlin, which is a 8th floor multicultural artist house. From artists, graphic artists, photographers and musicians. Anna tells us that it really is an exciting environment to live in. They do collaboration within the building, doing so inspires them to learn from each other. 

At this moment Anna Bresoli work with a photo developer from the 7th floor in the building. He will help her develop big pictures for an upcoming installation in the Greenhouse Berlin Gallery in Berlin within two months. During the two weeks exhibition of the Sounds of the suffocation, she will continue mirroring our present time and spread her important message of self connection.   


Name: Anna Bresoli
Occupation: Photographer
Based: Berlin

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Author: Alexandra Schuman
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