Stripped aims to speak to artists about life behind the scenes, what inspires them and how they got to where they are today. In this article we talk to Sandra Berg, clothes designer and studying Pattern Constructor.

Hi Sandra, what are you currently up to?

Im currently studying at ”Tillskärarakademin” in Stockholm to become a pattern constructor, essentially the middleman between the designer and the manufacturer. Being the middleman means that I need to understand the designers vision and collaborate with them to make their vision a reality. You need to evaluate the costs of the design, develop its functionality and its style. Just like a music producers works with a band to deliver the final musical product. 

Did you study something else before this course?

Yes, I studied a course called Design and Product Development, which is a civil engineer program. It's a mechanically focused course that lets you focus on the design process so that you can become a link between the creative designers and the manufacturers or project leaders. I did 3 years but dropped out because I needed a break and then decided to read this course. It is a pretty similar course as I’m also aiming to be the middleman here but instead I'll be focusing on clothing and fashion. 

And now you’re also designing your own clothes?

Yeah, so I try to get nerdy with the whole thing, its a good thing to keep parallel with the course as it is something I've been doing as a hobby for a long time. This summer I got in contact with a photographer and we worked together with a few other designers on a photoshoot which then lead to my designs being published. At this stage it's just a really fun thing for me to do, its about being around people that you enjoy working with. 

Listen to the whole interview here (Warning, its in Swedish)

What inspires you to do your designs?

I find it hard to just sit down and draw from scratch. I always try to find a purpose or a story and create a concept. Then it becomes easier for me to create the designs and also easier to keep myself on track and not sidetrack too much. 


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Introducing : Sandra Berg
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