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"Supreme - a simple though very complete track by Normanton Street. The band from Brighton is putting all its best parts into one catchy, clingy & classy rap-mayhem. If you're one of those (like me), that is sick and bored of money&drugs-filled rap and enjoy listening to it while you're sipping on your Lipton tea, then you have found the most complete band, with now the most complete song. What's great about Normanton Street's group dynamic is that when you feel the need for a switchup from Ned's or Nicholson's rhymez, you're pleasantly presented with soulgoddess Pheobe's swinging vocal chords. Supreme is a great upbeat summer anthem, it catches the Brighton mode perfectly and will work as good on the beach party as on the dancefloor. We will observe their progress and are excited for their 'Supreme' launch gig on Friday (9th June +)"

- Tim Widgar, Co-Founder of Stripped Creative


We met up with Nicholson to ask him a few questions coming up to the Supreme launch:

Q. Nicholson, part of supergroup Normanton Street and label co-owner at QM Records, am I right? Please give me an insight of how it is all going for you right now?

A. That's right. Along with Ned, we play in Normanton Street and run QM too. We're real busy at the moment which is real good. With the band we're releasing a new single 'Supreme' on June 9th. The video is looking crazy. With QM we've just released an EP by Mrisi called 'Mamela' so we're super excited about that too. A lot more coming up.

Q. So I’m pretty sure we’ve only met the one time, on this house party in Hanover, Brighton like 2013. I have strong memories of talking to you about music and then I’m also pretty sure I smoked too much herbs and went home. But since then Normanton Street really has progressed into a Brighton band and you have had a good few tours around the world. You were invited to SXSW and were recently in Sweden as well! How did it all start though?

A. Hahahaha I remember that fully ya know. You telling me about some music production vibes. The party was wavy still. Since then it has been steady progression with a few international tours too. Sweden was incredible, the reception we got over there was special. We'll be back early September, can't wait!



Q. We can tell you’re going somewhere as a band and that people really take you on. How is it to keep a faith and belief on that your style of music, style of appearance and style of charisma alive for so long?

A. Thanks very much. I think its simply a case of us really enjoying everything we do first and foremost. Also, we're not mad popular online and we don't have a big marketing/PR campaign but the people who do know our music seem to really like it on a strong level and so that's amazing and helps to motivate I guess. Q. You are about to release a banger, ’Supreme’ is out on the 9th of June, on your own label (QM). Whats the story behind that track?

A. The track is a mixture of vibes. Partly a biographical account of the hardships we encounter, mixed with a true story of us breaking down in France a couple years back and also the support we get from the fam.

Q. How is the summer looking for you?

A. This summer is looking good. First time we're not going around Europe, nevertheless we'll be at various UK festivals and two more singles coming out too.


'Supreme' launch gig @ Brighton Unitarian Church on the 9th June. More info here +.

Author: Tim Widgar
Photographer: Felicia Hawor
Graphic Design: Tim Widgar