We proudly present our biggest project so far - 'Stray Kids'!
A Stripped film project where we focus on bringing together music and fashion in a long-term project filled with workshops and engagements. 

Stray Kids is a progressive multi-creative project where music & fashion lays the foundation. We played with the idea of bringing a music and fashion project into one video project and giving it a bigger context and purpose.

With the music being forward-thinking progressive electronica - music that will sound fresh to most people and an equally forward-minded fashion collection with a focus on homemade & colorful couture, we came up with a story…



Stockholm, year 2020. After decades of state war against the electronic music scene, "the scapegoat" of Swedish zero drug tolerance, the government puts a full stop for its total activity. Stockholm has become a closed city, a city without open culture which smells of rotting energi. The people has adjusted to a simpler lifestyle where you work and mind your own business. 

Stockholm, year 2020. After decades of a state war against the electronic music scene, "the scapegoat" of the Swedish zero drug tolerance, the government puts a full stop for its total activity. 

But within the new batch of teenagers grows a frustration - because Sweden might be going well as a country but on the other side of the sea exists a more exciting and open world.

The teenagers of Stockholm absorbs this and creates an underground world where they often leave there families to become a part of these smaller independent & free-thinking groups, where they only speak English, where they live for music & fashion. It's there they call themselves as "Stray Kids”.


After our funding period we will sit down and set our budget. When this is done it is all game! We expect to start production within this year but depending on weather we keep our options open for the spring. 

During the the whole project we aim to keep workshops and other events going, we've already held a few workshops (in which we styled and painted denims), this way we build organic interest and engagement. 

The soundtrack album is almost finished and is into its last 10% of mixing. After the film is released the album will has its own independent release. 

We collaborate together with Stripped Creative and through them we will show our progress and get out information. 

Our journey is a massive part of this project as our ambition is to connect people through collaboration. We'll always stay open for new contributors and hope to build a great group of people who not only contributes but engages with our workshops and events. 

We aim to release this film not only via Stripped Creative but are also looking for an external platform (i.e SVT, Vevo, Nowness) which can give it a broader spread upon its release. During the project the plan is to also work together with higher educational services (i.e Stocholm University, Kulturama) to be able to provide students with work experience.